Journalist makes bizarre link between Colin Kaepernick and Kanye West amid anti-Semitism scandal

Kanye West saw his billion dollar net worth cut to less than half in the blink of an eye due to his recent anti-Semitic remarks. During a Twitter chat with Sean “Diddy” Combs, West posted objectionable content related to the Jewish community which later saw him banned from several major social media channels and losing major endorsement deals. .

While many have called out the rapper for his harsh comments, a certain NFL reporter and podcaster seems to have a different opinion. Jason Whitlock recently took Twitter to speak out against what he believes to be an unfair judgment meted out to West.

“There was no risk in supporting Kaepernick. Zero. Just support money and social media fame. It didn’t take courage. The way black athletes reacted to Kanye tells you everything what you need to know about the distance between them and Muhammad Ali and Jim Brown. #Cowardly

Whitlock seems to imply that supporting Kaepernick involved little risk to others and was quite beneficial to their social image. But the rapper being canceled by some groups, very few dared to stay by his side.

It’s also interesting how he draws parallels between the reactions of modern black athletes to this and compares them to sports legends like Ali. Strange as it may be, Whitlock has definitely gotten NFL fans debating.

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Since regaining the knee in 2016, Kaepernick has drawn a lot of attention to police brutality and violence in the United States. But it also came at the cost of being “blackballed” by NFL franchises.

Kaepernick has been pushing for a return to the NFL for years and even worked with the Las Vegas Raiders in the offseason. But so far, nothing concrete in terms of returning to the league has materialised.

Kanye West still has Antonio Brown by his side

Although many have shown coldness towards Kanye West, former NFL player turned rapper Antonio Brown has expressed his support for West. The former All-Pro wide who sadly left his teammates found an ally in Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband who has since played a major role in Brown’s label ambitions.

In fact, Kanye even named Brown president of Donda Sports earlier in the year. And the former Buccaneers star has made it clear he has no intention of quitting.

LA Rams star Aaron Donald, however, has decided to end his deal with the sports agency less than a year into his contract.

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