J&K Police finds links between 4 journalists and the brain of the blog


J&K Police said the four journalists they interviewed had connections to the mastermind behind the blog at [email protected] which waged a thin campaign against political workers, activists and journalists in Kashmir.

A police spokesperson said in a statement that during the investigation of the case recorded at Kothibagh police station, credible evidence was found which linked Mir Hilal de Bemina (reporter, TRTworld), Mohammad Shah Abbas of Anantnag (freelance journalist), Azhar Qadri of Bemina (journalist) and Showkat Motta of Lal Bazaar (former editor of The Narrator and currently working at a wholesale store) with the brains behind the blog kashmirfight @ wordpress .com.

“Based on the evidence gathered, searches were carried out at four different locations after obtaining appropriate search warrants from the competent court. During the searches, some cell phones, laptops and other gadgets were seized, ”the statement said.

The spokesperson further said that for the purposes of the investigation they (the journalists) were called for questioning and allowed to surrender in the evening and ordered to report again tomorrow.

“The investigation is ongoing and the review of electronic gadgets is also continuing. So far, various numbers from Pakistan, Turkey and Arabia have been found. They also turned out to be in contact with various virtual numbers. ”

The spokesperson, while quoting Inspector General of Police (IGP) Vijay Kumar, denied that it was a problem of harassment of journalists. Due process is observed when investigating a sensitive matter and the media fraternity has been advised not to disseminate false news or stories that may constitute unnecessary interference in the investigation of the matter, the door added. -speak.

“Those involved would be arrested in this case as evidence is gathered,” added the spokesperson.

Police raided the homes of four journalists in different parts of the city on Wednesday, raising concerns over press freedom in Kashmir.

Reporters Without Borders, in a tweet, condemned the raids on journalists: “@RSF_inter strongly condemns as gross intimidation the police raids this morning at the homes of 4 journalists – the editor of @KashmirNarrator Showkat Matta, @ trtworld and @mirhilaal from @HuffPost, and freelancers @ AzharQadri and Abbas Shah #JournalismIsNotACrime (sic). ”

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