Jeevan Vidya: Rediscovering Philosophy in Human Consciousness


If we are to find out why we are not getting true happiness and what else is needed to be satisfied, we have to look within. Jeevan Vidya is the rediscovery of philosophy in human consciousness, which not only helps find these answers but also brings a life of fulfillment. Vidya tackles the root cause of the problems of self, family, society and nature with the aim of finding solutions to inner conflicts.

The heart of vidya is to understand the basic human conception which comprises two distinct entities, the body and the Self. The needs of the body, food, clothing, shelter, and that of the Self, to know, to be satisfied, to respect, to love, to help others, are different.

Both needs must be met, but in a mutually exclusive way. For example, the body, through its sensory organs, transmits information to the Self which then perceives and evaluates these senses – loves them, hates them, reacts to them, etc. The needs of the Self are intangible, those of the body, tangible ….

Vidya is presented in the form of propositions, and does not expect anything to be accepted on the basis of faith or preconditioning, but on rigorous self-examination of the veracity of the propositions. When we are able to evaluate all the states we inhabit and find answers to them, each human being endowed with an independent free will evaluates the proposals on his own and moves towards fulfillment.


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