Jamil Khan: a famous youngest journalist from India


Journalism is the way to create news events for all types of media, including print and non-print. It’s also the long process of collecting data, sorting, reviewing and putting it into context. Journalists are always concerned with the selection and presentation of what they think is significant, as well as respecting the journalistic ideal of truth and honesty. Today we are talking about a great personality, Mr. Jamil Khan; he is a journalist and managing director of a well-known press organization.

Jamil Khan is from the small town of Ladnun, Rajasthan. From an early age he has a state of mind and the desire to do something in politics. As Jamil says, “Journalists are a unique breed of people. Perhaps the most common trait is a concern for the printed word, as well as a tendency to exploit it for personal enrichment as well as professional gain. Journalists see their work as a calling, and they are often motivated by a sense of obligation to keep the public informed about major events at regional, national and global levels. “

He is a man who likes to make his plan in advance because he knows that when he leaves his current profession to start or continue the new one. Until 2034 only, he will work in reportlook. Every young person must learn this ability to plan ahead to make their future bright. Jamil has become so expert in his profession that he now used to take interviews from great personalities like; Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, JJP leaders Digvijay Chautala and Naina Chautala. He has become a social media icon around the world.

In Jamil’s journalistic experience, for a journalist, two days are never the same. Hosting a press conference, doing a phone interview, researching business connections, or writing articles can all be used to find the best information for an article. The story takes precedence, and reporters go to great lengths to ensure that it is truthful and thought-provoking. Jamil has done a lot of hard work and has had some ups and downs in his life but he has never been demotivated because of these and now he is a well known successful journalist who has his own site Reportlook.com newspaper web. It shows that if a person is determined to do something, they keep doing that work until they find their destination.

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