Is politics possible with honesty: Cop turned politician Asim Arun seeks crowdfunding for UP polls: The Tribune India


Noida, February 8

‘Is it possible to be in politics without leaving the path of honesty,’ asks IPS officer-turned-politician Asim Arun as he seeks financial support from the public to fight against the elections in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly.

The former police commissioner of Kanpur had opted in January for voluntary retirement from the service and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which deported him from the seat of Kannauj (Sadar) for the elections.

In his social media appeal, Arun, 51, says he is now in ‘Lok Seva’ (people’s service), which requires money for work to be done but he ‘doesn’t want to not compromise its basic principles”.

It also suggests measures such as maintaining a lower number of vehicles, reducing staff and making spending “transparent” for people in the civil service to control spending.

“My late father Shriram Arun is often held up as an example of honesty and I have always tried to follow his path. Now I am in ‘Lok Seva’ but on the condition that I do not compromise with my basic principles” , said Arun.

“On the other hand, the public service asks for money so that the work is carried out. This is why conscious people feel they would have solved some problems if they were in a position of power, but become discouraged thinking about the expense of solving the problem,” he added.

“I consider my life as an experiment in which I am now testing whether it is possible to do politics without leaving the path of honesty? I know several successful public officials in this area who inspire me,” Arun said in a statement.

Calling for support from the crowd, he said full transparency would be maintained with financial assistance that could be provided through his website – HYPERLINK “”

Kannauj (Sadar) falls in Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh. The seat is reserved for SC candidates and is a so-called stronghold of the Samajwadi Party.

The assembly seat goes to the polls on February 20 in the third phase of elections in the state.

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