Interview with Nicola Sturgeon Vogue: a journalist purifies the air in “forbidden areas”


THE reporter who interviewed Nicola Sturgeon for Vogue magazine described a four-minute BBC segment on how her story got “very absurd”.

Marie Le Conte spoke to the Prime Minister in a high-profile interview where Sturgeon spoke about her family life and how she considered fostering a child with her husband once she left politics.

She also opened up about her dealings with senior UK government officials, saying she hadn’t seen much of Boris Johnson recently and that he wasn’t particularly involved in decentralized governments.

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The interview garnered a lot of attention and led to BBC Scotland’s The Seven talking about it with an expert in political communication.

Kevin Craig, who has advised figures like Theresa May and Gordon Brown, was asked what the Prime Minister would “take away from this” interview.

Craig praised Sturgeon’s political acumen saying “she knows what she’s doing” with the interview which was very personal, but also spoke about his previous political opponents such as Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson, and of his relationship with Alex Salmond.

He said an interview like this is “very risky”, but an established politician like Sturgeon “can handle it” and it’s a good way to raise awareness and support a second referendum on the independence.

Host Laura Miller suggested the interview was “choreographed” and asked how these things come about.

Sturgeon was on a list of Vogue’s 25 Most Inspirational Women earlier this year and Craig suggested it made sense for them to feature her.

He suggested that the PM’s team would have been approached by Vogue for the interview and that there would be a discussion of possible “no-go zones” before that took place.

Le Conte said it was “very absurd” to see such a long segment of how her interview went, but confirmed that she was “happy to say that no one told me in advance. what I could or could not ask the FM “.

Having prepared many politicians for these types of interviews, Craig said it seemed like the interview went without “almost no demand” from Sturgeon’s team due to its so varied nature.

In the interview, Sturgeon opened up about her home life and spoke candidly about the miscarriage she had ten years ago. After that, she said she had become “really involved and passionate about improving opportunities for young people who have grown up in care”.

She also suggested that the reason Boris Johnson’s delegates are working with Scotland at Michael Gove might be due to “a fragile male ego,” as she said it was “strange” that he wasn’t. inclined to be in the same room as her.

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