Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith attacks Pakistani politician for anti-Semitic comments about his children | World news


Jemima Goldsmith has denounced a Pakistani politician for an anti-Semitic comment she made about the children she had with her ex-husband Imran Khan.

Pakistani Muslim League vice president Maryam Nawaz made the anti-Semitic remark after Mr. Khan, now Pakistan, accused his family of bribery and attacked his son for playing polo in the UK.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday, Mr Khan – who has two sons with his ex-wife Ms Goldsmith – referred to photos showing Ms father. Nawaz, former Prime Minister Nawaz sharif, during his grandson’s polo match at Cambridge University.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accused Maryam Nawaz’s family of corruption and attacked her son for playing polo in the UK

Former cricketer Mr Khan said: “The poor go to jail and the powerful [Nawaz Sharif] get NRO [deal] go abroad and watch his grandson’s polo match. “

“Ordinary man cannot play polo – a king’s sport. You need a lot of money to keep a horse and play polo. So tell us where this dear grandson got this money from. . It’s the people’s money. “

Ms Nawaz responded to the remarks during a speech, stating: “My son [Junaid] is the captain of the polo team [for Cambridge University] and brings honor to Pakistan.

“He is Nawaz Sharif’s grandson, not Goldsmith’s, and he is not brought up on the knees of the Jews.”

On Twitter, Ms Goldsmith said: “My children” are being raised on the knees of the Jews, “@MaryamNSharif announced today.

“I left Pakistan in 2004 after a decade of anti-Semitic attacks by the media and politicians (and weekly death threats and protests outside my house). But it continues.”

Responding on Twitter, Ms Nawaz said: ‘I have absolutely no interest in you or your sons or your personal life because I have better things to do and say but if your ex hangs out in other people’s families out of spite, others will have more unpleasant things to say.

“You only have your ex to blame.”

Documentary producer Ms Goldsmith married former Pakistani cricket captain Mr Khan in 1995.

The couple had two sons before divorcing nine years later.

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