‘I’m going to quit war journalism’: Ukrainian journalist showered with love after his tweet went viral

At the risk of their lives, amid intense bombardments and attacks, dozens of journalists are on the front line to cover the war in Ukraine. However, the horrific atrocities committed by Russian forces against civilians, including children, take a heavy toll on their mental health. Today, a journalist’s tweet about quitting war journalism is touching the hearts of people online.

Kyiv Independent defense reporter Illia Ponomarenko has been reporting from the ground up since day one of the Russian invasion from Ukraine on February 24. After witnessing the devastation every day up close, Ponomarenko took to Twitter on Wednesday to express his frustration a bit.

“When this war is over, I will stop war journalism. F*** it,” Ponomarenko tweeted while reporting on the horrors at Bucha. “I will find a quiet, secluded place to live and write stories of whales and polar explorers,” he added.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an address to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) accused Russian troops of committing “the most terrible war crimes” since World War II in the streets of Bucha, where more than 300 bodies were found.

Earlier today, when reporting from the outskirts of Kyiv, where evidence of horrific massacres of civilians shocked the world, he wrote that his old apartment in Bucha had survived. “This was once a section of my favorite cycle route through Bucha. Now I can barely recognize many streets I used to know in Kyiv Oblast,” Ponomarenko wrote in another tweet.

As he continued his reporting, the tweet about quitting war journalism drew attention after former Ukrainian ambassador to Austria Olexander Scherba retweeted it. Many flocked to the post to send him lots of love and praised him for his courage and resilience.

While praying for his safety and hoping the war would end soon, many commented with photos and videos to offer him some comfort, while others invited him to beautiful places when things got tough. would improve.

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