Iconic X-Men Writer Ann Nocenti Returns to the Franchise

Writer/Editor Ann Nocenti left a huge mark on the X-Men franchise, and now she returns to tell an all-new story in X-Men Legends #3 this July!

Warning: contains preview images for X-Men Legends #3!

Writer Anne Nocenti left a huge mark on x-men franchise, and now she returns for an all-new story. marvel’s X-Men Legends title has seen iconic creators from the franchise’s past return to tell new stories set during their classic runs. Ann Nocenti, who wrote the 1986s Longshot miniseries, will tell a new story involving the mutant and his nemesis Mojo in X-Men Legends #3on sale in print and digital on July 27.

Ann Nocenti not only wrote the critically acclaimed book Longshot miniseries, but was also the editor on Weird X-Men and The New Mutants in the mid-1980s, arguably one of the franchise’s high points. She would preside over major events such as Hell and fall of the mutants; Nocenti also had an acclaimed run on daredevil from 1987 to 1991. Always remembered by fans, Nocenti infused a number of real-world concerns into the stories, all grounded in his work outside of comics as an activist. She created Marvel’s first transgender hero, Jessie Drake. Nocenti also wrote green arrow and catwoman during the New 52 time. Nocenti’s impact on the comic book realm, and the X-Men in particular, cannot be overstated, and now she’s returning to the X-Men sandbox in July. X-Men Legends #3. Nocenti will be joined by illustrator Javier Pina for the special two-part story.


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In a press release on AIPT, Marvel revealed more information about the book, as well as a preview of its cover, shared below. Nocenti and Pina will revisit the classic Longshot miniseries, telling the story of what happened to Longshot between the miniseries and joining the X-Men. Longshot escaped Mojoworld but is pulled for a “multi-picture deal”. Wolverine, Shadowcast and Spiral are also invited. The press release quoted Nocenti as saying it was a “blast” to return to the X-Men, and Mojoworld in particular. Nocenti praised the artist Javier Pina, looking in particular at him “nail […] perfectly” the characters she and Arthur Adams created in the 1980s.

Longshot, Wolverine, Shadowcat and Spiral

For long time fans of the franchise, X-Men Legends has been a treat, bringing back classic creators to tell new stories, and given Ann Nocenti’s impact on the book, her return makes perfect sense. Nocenti not only wrote the epic Longshot miniseries, featuring the fan-favorite character, but also edited Weird X-Men during one of the highlights of the book; his work on The New Mutants was equally revolutionary. Nocenti infuses real-world and metaphysical issues into his stories, giving them deeper angles than standard superhero fare, and these will be on display in X-Men Legends #3.

Over the years, a number of writers, artists, and editors have left their mark on the X-Men franchise, and outside of Chris Claremont, there is perhaps no one more influential than ‘Ann Nocenti, and now she returns to tell a new story in July. x-men Legends #3.

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