iA Writer gains wikilink support and more in huge new update

Source: Information Architects

People who edit text on their iPhone, iPad or Mac are probably already familiar with iA Writer. It’s long been a great option for doing just that, and now a big new update adds support for something that’s becoming a must-have for power users’ text-editing apps in the App Store – wikilinks.

The new update, which is now in the App Store, includes a number of improvements across the board. But arguably the biggest addition here is support for wiki links which makes it easier for users to create links between documents in a similar way to how a link would work on a web page. People can link to one master document from another, for example, something that can be invaluable when organizing your thoughts, research notes, or other text.

With wikilink support built into iA Writer, developer Information Architects has included an auto-complete feature that will automatically suggest files from your library. Type “[[” is enough to begin the process and iA Writer will start to autocomplete anything you type, so long as it can find a corresponding file to link to.

If you’re someone who uses wikilinks in other apps you’re already more than familiar with why they can be so important and they’re hugely popular among users of other apps like Obsidian specifically. Wikilink support takes one of the best Mac text editing experiences and turns it into a whole new beast and iA Writer includes other features that make wikilinking as easy as possible — beyond autocomplete — including keyboard shortcuts and more.

Ia Writer Wikilinks On IphoneSource: Information Architects

  • Wikilinks make it easy to connect, browse, and rediscover your writing
  • A [[wikilink]]is a link from one text file to another
  • To create a wiki link, just type[[andthenameofthefileyouwouldliketolink[[andthenameofthefileyouwouldliketolink[[etlenomdufichierquevoussouhaitezlier[[andthenameofthefileyouwouldliketolink
  • Autocomplete suggests files from your library
  • Open the linked file using the Open Link button in the keyboard bar, ⌘-click or ⌘⏎
  • If the file does not exist, it will be automatically created and ready to be entered

Other improvements in this update include improvements to the overall editing experience, added iPad Split View support, and more. You can read all about the changes in the release notes and those who have already installed iA Writer will find the update awaiting them now. Anyone can grab iA Writer now with the iPhone and iPad app priced at $49.99 and the Mac version being a separate $49.99 purchase. However, the update is free for existing users.

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