How to Use Muck Rack to Maintain Your Write Network


Most freelancers maintain a small list of clients, at least a few at some point. When trading, dealing, and trying to shop talk with new connections, compiling all of your best or most recent signatures can often become a messy process.

Muck Rack gives you a central profile where all your work can be linked to your customers. This is a great first impression to make when trying to demonstrate that you are an active and experienced member of this industry.

Here we will take a more detailed look at how you can use Muck Rack to maintain your network as a writer.

What is Muck Rack?

Muck Rack is a site that helps you collect all the live examples of your web work and keep it all in one place. It’s a service designed for journalists and freelance editors of all types.

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A Muck Rack wallet is better than sending samples to a potential employer. An active and frequently updated portfolio shows that you are alive, concerned, and writing a lot, which always sounds good to someone who might consider hiring you.

You can even link your Twitter feed to your profile if you want. Once a member, you will understand why Muck Rack is such a popular tool for freelancers and journalists, anyone who writes words online for a living.

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How to Create a Muck Rack Wallet

Modification of my profile on Muck Rack.

The most exciting part of creating a Muck Rack profile is adding everything you’ve written to their portfolio generator. To get started, get the URL of your last published article. At the top of the page, click Your profile and select Add to portfolio from the drop-down list.

Copying a URL to Muck Rack's Wallet Generator.

You will land here. Copy the URL of the article you want to add and click Add item.

Adjustment of my portfolio item.

The next page allows you to refine the Title, Source, Snippet, URL, Post Date, and Header Image. Once everything is as it should, click on the button Save changes button. The article will now be included in your Muck Rack portfolio.

Keep going until you have all of your best jobs listed. We recommend that you sort your bylines by date.

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If this is your first time using Muck Rack and you are still creating your profile, the site also asks you to answer a few interview questions. This, alongside your author bio, is a fun little glimpse into who you are outside of what you write for a living.

The advantages of using Muck Rack

As we have already seen briefly, Muck Rack can be a very useful tool in keeping your portfolio up to date. But, there are a lot more benefits to using the platform.

Networking on Muck Rack

If you thought Muck Rack was only good at showcasing your portfolio, think again. This site is home to a huge community of writers, as well as potential clients and new connections to make.

Reputable platforms such as Wikimedia and The Motley Foo use Muck Rack to build media contact lists and recruit new talent. This is one of the more candid ways to stay on top of the rhythms you cover frequently, and it always pays to update your profile with your most recent work.

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Who knows? If you can manage to make a splash, you might hear from one of the many companies that make liberal use of Muck Rack. The service allows representatives to introduce you directly through the site – the Muck Rack pipeline keeps everything together in one place.

Industry Research on Muck Rack

Search the Muck Rack Writer's Directory.

If you are doing some research yourself or are looking for new talent or inspiration, you can use Muck Rack to find new names that only cover the topics that interest you.

On the home page, you’ll be able to browse their directory for people, posts, and even specific articles and topics.

Search for people on Muck Rack.

Here you can see that we’ve tracked down my all-time favorite personality in the newsroom, but you don’t have to stick to just the names you already love. It’s the perfect tool for finding new writers and platforms to follow, and maybe even new topics of interest to pursue.

If you’re covering a pace and want the latest information on a recent event, a quick search here can bring you material from sources other than those you check on your own daily.

Nothing like reading an alternative point of view or the opinion of the opposition. When you can’t walk the sidewalk yourself, Muck Rack is an option you can use right from home.

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Classification of manure racks

If you’re still new to the business and want to build your resource library, you’ll actually find a vast collection of some of the most trusted sources of news and information on the internet. Even if you are just looking for your next job, this is an extremely valuable resource.

Media research on Muck Rack.

You will see many articles on the “X best publications / stations / newspapers in X”, many of which are organized by topic, such as food and drink. Whether you’re looking for career opportunities in your city or just interested in something new to read, you won’t leave this page empty-handed.

The BBC's profile on Muck Rack.

Muck Rack maintains an ever-growing list of media outlets that use the site. On each publication’s profile page, you will be able to delve into their most recent stories and even see lists of each journalist represented by the brand, which is pretty cool.

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Muck Rack Trends, showing us the numbers.

The Muck Rack Trends page allows you to enter a keyword and see how much buzz the topic is generating on a chart; you can add up to six different keywords at a time.

This feature is a really useful source of context; you can use it to compare different topics, analyze peaks from the past, and find articles on a given topic all over the web.

Break it down.

Not only does it show you what’s hot and what’s not, but you can also see who is currently covering your pet’s topics. It’s a great way to find other writers who are similar to you and get a taste of what they’re doing differently (or pretty much the same!).

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Your next big break

In the world of media and journalism, half the battle is over. On a site like Muck Rack, you can start small and build a portfolio that is strong enough to land somewhere where you really have a voice.

If you already write and want to take your career further, a writing portfolio is the perfect place to start. You can organize everything on Muck Rack – it looks sleek and professional, and you will only be able to showcase the best you have to offer.

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