How to Solve the Chaos of the Masked Writer Affair


Just like in the first game, Lost Judgment features plenty of amazing side cases that tell amazing stories that are separate from the main plot. In one particular case, Yagami must find out who is leaking information to a group of Negroes. Here’s everything you need to know about how to solve the case of the chaos of the masked writer in the lost judgment.

The Chaos of the Masked Writer case is a side story that is picked up on the board at Detective Agency Yokohama 99. While it is being picked up here, you will actually have to travel to Kamurocho to do the case.

How to Solve the Chaos of the Masked Writer’s Case in Lost Judgment

Head to the blue case marker listed on the Kamurocho map. Once there, you’ll talk to Okazaki, who explains that the Masked Writer is actually a group of people who come together and work on stories under one alias. Their problem is that someone keeps stealing their ideas and publishing them before the group can even finish their books.

To resolve this issue, you will need to talk to everyone in the room. As they are in a group, it does not take too long. Once you do, Okazaki will tell you that Sanada is on the roof. Head over to him and speak with him and he will share his concern that someone is spying on them and that they are also hoping to break up the group, which means it could be internal work.

Find the Smell (Detective Dog App)

Okazaki will go up to the roof and say that he forgot to mention that a strange smell was happening in the office every now and then. To find out what the smell is, return to the office and open the Detective Dog app in the Gadgets section of Yagami’s phone.

Once Ranpo introduces himself, bring the dog to the table near Okazaki and he will start barking. Inspection of the cigarette tray leads Okazaki to explain that people smoke in the office to stimulate creativity. At the start of each meeting, Mikuru opens the window.

Walk to the window and Ranpo starts barking again. Examine the two stains on the windowsill and you will discover a stain and some animal hair.

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Lead the dog to the exit and he will start barking, which will take you upstairs to the roof. Follow Ranpo to the roof and he will lead you to a box of cat food near an air conditioning vent. When Okazaki and Sanada meet you on the rooftop, you can now review your findings.

Lost Judgment, How To Resolve, The Chaos of the Masked Writer

First, state that the suspect was stealing information using a eavesdropping device. Select a can of cat food as the reason for removing the eavesdropping device. Select animal fur evidence to support the theory when asked what evidence the listener dropped as he fled from the scene.

It is inferred that a cat with a listening device is pointed at the window after someone drops food from the upper level, allowing it to listen through the open window. Yagami also believes the owner added sleeping pills to the food to keep the cat there for long conversations.

Choose firecrackers when asked what action was taken to drive the cat away. Choose that it was someone on the outside next. You will spot a suspicious man with a cat for Yagami to chase away. Catch it then fight it. He is then revealed to be Wataru Tenjinbashi, the editor, who resigned a year ago. Congratulations, you have solved the case!

Necessary time : 15 minutes.

How to Solve the Chaos of the Masked Writer Affair

  1. Pick up the suitcase at Yokohama 99 then head to Kamorocho.
  2. Head to the marker on the map and talk to Okazaki.
  3. Investigate / talk to everyone then head to the roof.
  4. Go back down and open the Detective Dog app to get Ranpo.
  5. Bring Ranpo to the coffee table and examine the ashtray.
  6. Take Ranpo to the window and examine the animal’s stain and fur.
  7. Walk forward to the door and you will be taken to the roof.
  8. Follow Ranpo until you find some cat food.
  9. When explaining your theory, choose: Steal Information with a Listening Device, Animal Fur, Firecrackers, and Someone Outside.
  10. Go ahead and fight the suspect man to solve the case.

That’s all you need to know about how to solve the case of the chaos of the masked writer in the lost judgment. If you’re still looking for more information about the game, be sure to check out all of the other tips, tricks, and details related to a variety of useful topics by searching the Game Guide Wiki.

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