Heat-change mug transports characters from the original series to a planet


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Star Trek: The Original Series premiered on television on September 8, 1966, which means that this year, 2021, is the show’s 55th anniversary. Now we can start celebrating the occasion with fun products commemorating the event. This jobless philosophers guild mug will allow you to transport the characters of the USS Enterprise to a new planet.

Watch Lt. Nyota Uhura, Mr. Spock, Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy disappear from the transporter room on one side of the mug and reappear on an alien planet that appears deserted, rocky, And red. All you have to do is fill the container with a hot liquid like coffee, tea or water and let the cup do its job.

Check out the “Star Trek: The Original Series” mug from The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild on Amazon.

This 14 oz ceramic mug measures about nine centimeters, so it’s the perfect size for your daily dose of caffeine and is microwave safe. However, it is not dishwasher safe, so be sure to only hand wash the mug after use, otherwise the effect will not work.

Get your Star Trek: The Original Series The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild Heat Resistant Transporter Mug on Amazon for only $ 17. Besides the mug, if you’re looking for plenty of ways to celebrate the show’s 55th anniversary, don’t forget to start your subscription to Paramount + to watch the show again. You can also check out this new book on the series’ impact on mid-century modern design aesthetics, which has become as iconic as the character stories.

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