Hawkeye comic book writer Matt Fraction was the show’s consulting producer, almost cameo as a tracksuit mafia

From the moment a Hawk Eye The series was first announced, most Marvel fans expected it to pull heavily from David Aja and Matt Fraction’s iconic comic book series. Not only does he draw significantly from this series, but Fraction is listed as a consulting producer on the Disney + show. Fraction himself revealed his show credit in a recent interview, and it was in that same conversation that the comic book writer mentioned that he almost appeared in a cameo role, as did his wife Kelly. Sue DeConnick did it in Captain marvel.

“I think I’m credited as a consulting producer, however, I should check with my agent and probably just read the credits, but it’s the best because I can take all the credit for it,” Fraction said recently. at The Ringer. “And I can throw the fame and David and Annie and I hope there won’t be any blame. I read scripts and offered some thoughts. And that was sort of throughout the process.

It was at this point that the writer revealed a combination of COVID-related shutdowns and some personal developments ultimately banned from appearing as one of the tracksuit mafia’s “brothers”.

“I was supposed to be a tracksuit. It was going to be fine, but between COVID, [this] was before the gunshots really happened and my immunosuppressed mom lives with us and traveling was kind of a thing, ”Fraction added. “And we had a pandemic puppy. So between feeling pretty cool traveling and a puppy, I couldn’t be a tracksuit. So I was about to be a tracksuit. Apart from this consultant producer. “

Fraction and Aja created Lucky the Pizza Dog, the beloved character who has appeared in much of the show’s marketing.

Hawk Eye debuts with a two-episode premiere on Disney + on November 24.

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