Graham Linehan: The team behind Father Ted are trying to ‘disassociate’ the writer from the program

Father Ted’s creator, Graham Linehan, says the production company behind the hit TV show is trying to unlink him from the show.

In an interview with Dan Wooton on GB News, Mr Linehan said television company Hat Trick Productions was trying to stop his involvement in a musical version of Father Ted.

Mr Linehan said: ‘It’s been my baby for about seven or eight years and Hat Trick and Sonia Friedman Productions tell me I’m wrong and it’s outrageous, it’s absolutely outrageous.’

He previously alleged Hat Trick offered him over £200,000 to walk away from the production.

The 54-year-old claims he has been “beaten and bullied for years” because of his stance on transgender issues. In March, the writer confirmed the breakdown of his 16-year marriage to Helen Serafinowicz.

He was previously banned from Twitter after being repeatedly accused of harassment and reported to the police on multiple occasions. Last month he gave an interview to the BBC’s Nolan radio show claiming he had been ‘cancelled’ for his views.

In the GB News interview, he said that the source of the awakened ideology was in the United States.

Mr Linehan said: ‘It’s a completely metropolitan elite thing. All of these people are terrified of America, because America is where this ideology comes from.

“I think it’s a form of American cultural imperialism and [those working in television] want careers there, so they’re all fooling around with this ridiculous ideology that no one outside, no one in the real world believes.

He said the trans debate is littered with phrases that mean nothing to ordinary people.

He said: ‘It’s a completely confusing and incoherent ideology that we’re all supposed to follow and that requires eternal training from Stonewall, who get wads of cash from the confusion they’re supposed to solve.

“I just find it extraordinary that I’m in the position where I’m fighting almost the whole left on this, you know, which I thought was progressive.”

He also backed author JK Rowling, who also came under fire from trans activists saying: ‘If you ask people to say what she said was wrong in her beautiful, compassionate essay on the importance of spaces for single gender for women like her who is a survivor of domestic violence, they don’t have an answer.

“She didn’t say anything offensive, her article was completely sympathetic, but you have this weird kind of whisper campaign where rumors are reported as fact and everything is a dog whistle.

“So you really can’t say anything, they haven’t given women any leeway in which to maneuver and stand up for their rights.”

Earlier this year, the Harry Potter author complained to police after activists posted a picture of her Edinburgh home on Twitter. Police Scotland later confirmed that no criminality had been established.

Mr Linehan said he was banned from Twitter without explanation but hopes Elon Musk can fix the wake-up call after he took over the social network, but said there was a systemic problem that needed to be addressed.

Mr Musk, the world’s richest person, has agreed a deal to buy Twitter for $44billion (£35billion) and said he wanted to make Twitter a bastion of free speech.

He told GB News: ‘It’s kind of like a system-wide issue that we have right now. I think Elon Musk can solve the Twitter problem very well, but there are also things like Wikipedia that have very heavily biased moderators.

“My lawyer tried to change a montage from anti-trans to pro-feminist and it was changed in 15 minutes.

“So these kinds of little things are happening everywhere. I had a shop, I had a t-shirt of a cartoon of myself with the words “reality is real” on it.

“And we went through it very carefully to make sure we weren’t selling anything that could be considered transphobic.

“The only thing we thought could get us in trouble was a joke about men cheating and women’s sports, so we deliberately left it out.

“It lasted for a day and then it was taken down because it was reported en masse.”

Hat Trick Productions and Sonia Friedman Productions have been contacted about this story.

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