“Choosing not to choose remains a choice for which you alone are responsible” Gary Cox (British philosopher)

The whirlwind that swept over the Executive Council of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State gradually subsided, with the eventual restoration of besieged former president Dr Tony Aziegbemi as as bona fide chairman of the party.

This timely achievement deserves to be applauded; and I thank the various stakeholders for their incredible wisdom. Those who organized and constituted the arsenal which directly and from a distance instigated the dissolution of the Executive Council of the PDP in Edo State, have recently, in effect, used political bravado, in local parlance, “approach of guerrilla warfare ”; a sad development that must have been borrowed from a now demystified political godfather in Edo State.

It is therefore to salute the unusual wisdom of the political titans in the bosom of the PDP who skilfully managed the delicate situation positively, even though the party is currently back in the powerful shadow under the known umbrella.

Today, it is heartening that various reconciliation committees have taken action to calm the raw nerves of the injured and the offended, a development whose ultimate goal is to arrive at a “neither winner nor loser” situation. for the general interest of the party in Edo State.

Speaking of Governor Godwin Obaseki and the “Top Eleven” of Edo State, it’s time to put in place a balancing strategic political structure.

Without a doubt, Governor Obaseki is a technocrat in all its ramifications, and I urge him never to lower his philosophy of excellence for the development of Edo State. While the money stops on his table, the governor has done very well so far, setting up a selection process, looking for the best and the most cerebral to make his “first eleven” , ensuring that candidates are recommended as early as neighborhood levels, in the various party local government areas in Edo State.

Honestly, Governor Obaseki, by applying this fantastic new strategy in Edo State, the question of sponsorship in the selection of members of the state’s executive committee has been dropped for the time being. This process, if taken or managed religiously without any political sentiment halfway through, will deeply produce the best set of Commissioners who will take Obaseki’s “Making Edo Great Again (MEGA)” mantra to the highest level.

These established “first eleven” must be those who can or will navigate politically and positively through politicians of the old and the new race, due to their familiarity with the political terrain in Edo State. Using the scenario of a football match, the governor has to pay attention to the best, in terms of skill, energy, brilliance and experience, which will ultimately make the difference.

Arising from the above, the state governor should consider the former members of the PDP party and the new breed of the All Progressives Congress (APC) / PDP to form a dynamic team.

In drawing the new executive board organigram, I sincerely urge Godwin Obaseki to consider former presidents of local governments, who may have already been recommended, technocrats renowned for their excellence, while the reserve bench should be reserved for former commissioners.

• Diagi Lucky, Benin City

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