Gadkari’s advice to politicians: play life like a day’s cricket


DELHI DIARY: Bakhtiyarpur in a row of names and Twitter storm on Rahul’s photo

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Posted on 09.19.21, 01:46 AM

Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari appear to be the only members of the old guard of the Bharatiya Janata Party who have managed to stay in Narendra Modi’s government after the recent overhaul. While Defense Minister Singh has chosen to keep a low profile and carry on with his work, Road Transport Minister Gadkari speaks out in circles, projecting himself as a visionary and performance-driven leader. He recently hit the headlines for calling Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Jawaharlal Nehru two “ideal leaders” of Indian democracy. Certainly, Gadkari cannot say that he was unaware of the depth of aversion to Nehru in the current regime.

Shortly after, Gadkari made headlines again for his remarks that politicians are generally unhappy – he said even chief ministers are unhappy because they don’t know how long they will stay in office. . As the BJP replaced the chief ministers of Uttarakhand and Gujarat, this sparked whispers in the halls of the party. In the same event, the Nagpur strongman reportedly said his case was different: he was happy because he did not worry about the future. “No matter what position you are in, play (life) like cricket a day,” Gadkari said, trying to tell Rajasthani lawmakers how to be happy. There are rumors that the way Gadkari plays himself could lead to a box office hit sooner rather than later.

Nitish Kumar

failed ploy

A small town in Bihar – Bakhtiyarpur – suddenly became the bone of contention between members of the ruling National Democratic Alliance – BJP and Janata Dal (United), led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The BJP demanded that the name of the city – it is known as Qutbuddin Aibak’s General Bakhtiyar Khalji, who allegedly burned down the old Nalanda University between the 12th and 13th centuries CE – be changed. He also dangled a carrot and said he wouldn’t mind if he was named Kumar as he was born there and tried to recreate Nalanda University. “No chance,” thundered Kumar; he would have added that he was happy to be a son of Bakhtiyarpur. A political ally, the BJP is certainly dismayed to lose one of the issues it was trying to raise.

All for one

Twitter must have been confused when suddenly thousands of Congressional leaders and workers started sporting Rahul Gandhi’s photo as their profile picture. Even those without artificial intelligence were confused about what was going on among members of Congress across the country. The phenomenon continued for several days until a senior party leader revealed the reason. “It was our protest against Twitter for hanging our leader’s pseudonym. We decided to wear her photo instead of our own photos and it took [on] like wildfire among the party workers, ”he said.

Although Rahul’s Twitter account was back in action in just a matter of days, some of his party members are said to continue to sport his image. A congressman claimed that many party leaders were afraid of being the first to remove their leader’s photo, resulting in a delay of several weeks. Now they are slowly coming back to their own images. Everyone knows that the country runs on butter.

perfect timing

The temples have a new guardian in the Karnataka Congress after the BJP-led state demolished a shrine in Mysore as part of a court order to remove all illegal structures on the encroached land. Several other shrines have been slated for demolition, much to the chagrin of the BJP which is caught between its own ideology and the court order.

But the leader of Congress, PC Siddaramaiah, could not pass up this opportunity. He called the BJP ‘wrong Hindutva promoters ”as the government proceeded with the demolition. A true blue socialist with no known affinity with religion, Siddaramaiah took a vault to emerge as the champion of what was seen as the sole domain of the sangh parivar. With the 2023 state election in sight and a BJP that is already a divided house, Siddaramaiah and his party could not have chosen a better time to capitalize on the issue of faith in a state where religion is one. important question.

Firm position

The decision of Congress President Sonia Gandhi not to bow to the blackmail tactics of sections of party leaders in Odisha has paid off. He brought rebel leaders like Legislative Assembly member Tara Prasad Bahinipati to heel, who had made statements against Pradesh Congress Committee chairman Niranjan Patnaik and even threatened to quit the party. He opposed the reinstatement of his rival, a former MP. Bahinipati’s wife Meenakshi, chairman of the Koraput district congress committee, also spat poison at the leadership. The husband-wife duo’s stance had raised concerns as it sent the wrong message to the grassroots.

The congressman sent the Odisha official, A Chellakumar, to deal with the problem. Chellakumar met with all sections of the leadership and made it clear that the leadership would not tolerate such indiscipline or change the chairman of the CCP. He warned the rebels to quit the party if they wanted to. Bahinipati and his supporters immediately lined up. The MP has publicly stated that he has no plans to quit the party.

Suresh Gopi


Malayalam actor-turned-MP Suresh Gopi, known for playing the super cop in several of his films, recently forced a police inspector who is part of his security service to greet him, although MPs did not right to such posting. power. The act sparked protests. Regardless of criticism for demanding respect, Gopi tried to justify his action, even as congressional workers staged protests by slippers saluting the BJP lawmaker.

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