Former WWE Writer Vince Russo’s Big Trouble With Brock Lesnar and the Stars of Elimination Chamber

Former WWE writer Vince Russo revealed that the Elimination Chamber contestants looked “boyish” compared to Brock Lesnar. The veteran spoke about the opening segment of RAW, which featured the Chamber participants getting promotion time ahead of the WWE Championship match.

Vince Russo felt there was a stark difference between Brock Lesnar and some of the other stars who were scheduled to compete in the Elimination Chamber.

Russo also specifically mentioned Austin Theory and Seth Rollins when talking about his main issue with the RAW segment:

“Bro, they look like boys. He (Austin Theory) looked like a boy in there. Rollins was smart enough to at least try to keep his distance from Lesnar because when he leaned in you could see the difference between the size of those two guys,” Vince Russo said. [11:36-11:52]

It was a pop festival: Vince Russo criticizes the opening segment of WWE RAW

Vince Russo has often noted how the promotion’s main shows feel like live events, and he got a similar vibe on the latest episode of RAW.

Russo said the first segment of Monday Night RAW was nothing but a succession of pops and was a common sight on wrestling shows.

The former WWE personality explained that Vince McMahon’s company didn’t gain much on the 15 minute angle as it ended with Brock Lesnar delivering the F5 on Austin Theory.

“And bro, it had nothing to do with trying to pique our interest before Sunday,” Russo continued, “it was a pop festival, bro. Here’s Lashley, pop! Here’s Rollins, Pop! This is Riddle, pop! This is Austin, pop! This is AJ, pop! That’s it, mate. They’re house show pops. That’s all they are. What did we get out of this? segment, mate? What did we get out of the first fifteen minutes of this show? Valuable TV time. We got Brock Lesnar F5ing Austin Theory. Who cares? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Zero. Russo has added. [11:53-12:40]

Did you like how WWE kicked off the home RAW for Elimination Chamber? Is Vince Russo right with his observations?

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