Former WWE Writer Inspired To Launch Own Wrestling Brand After WWE Exits Karrion Kross and Keith Lee

Former WWE screenwriter Freddie Prinze Jr. has said the long list of superstars released by WWE over the past year, including those of Karrion Kross and Keith Lee, has inspired him to create his own. wrestling mark.

Vince’s promotion released around 80 Superstars in 2021, including Main List and NXT Superstars. When it comes to the top division, established stars like Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt have faced off against the ax. When it comes to emerging talent for NXT, superstars like Karrion Kross and Keith Lee have been released. The seemingly random releases did not meet with viewers who often expressed frustration.

Freddie Prinze Jr., who has had two stints in WWE, said these outings make him eager to invest in something new. He’s of the opinion that audiences would love a script that centers around Karrion Kross and Keith Lee because they are special talents.

“It makes me want to create a wrestling brand. Everyone sees that and they get sad. I see that and I’m hungry. I was in Karrion Kross’ DMs the day it happened. was like, ‘Hey man, I didn’t go back to work for fun. I went back to work to invest in things. So imagine having Keith Lee and Karrion Kross on the same list and making people wait for it. Watching them fight and have their stories connected but separate. Even if it was just independent shows (…) there is so much talent out there now but I think people would love to watch. “

Update on the future of Karrion Kross

According to Fightful Select, Karrion Kross will soon be making his acting debut. While no further details have been revealed regarding the film, it is Kross’ first major project since its WWE release.

Kross is not new to the world of acting since he already starred in a few episodes of the TV series Before the Dark, in 2013-14. It will be interesting to see how his wrestling career evolves as he is a talented performer and would be an asset to any promotion.

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