Former journalist works as a laborer, making bricks to feed his family after Taliban takeover


02 Oct 2021 13:02 STI

Firoz Koh (Badghis) [Afghanistan], Oct 2 (ANI): Zabiullah Wafa, who once reported for media in the western town of Ferz Koh in Badghis province in Afghanistan, now works as a laborer making bricks to feed his family of 10.
Wafa is one of thousands of Afghans who lost their jobs or source of income after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and the fall of the democratically elected government.
He has worked as a journalist in Badghis province for the past 10 years, but has been fired and unemployed due to financial difficulties in local media, the Khaama Press news agency reported.
“After the Taliban took power, the local media fired me and I have been wandering around without work for two months. To feed my family, I decided to join my father in the making of building bricks, “Zabiulah Wafa said as reported by Khaama News Agency news agency.

Wafa said hundreds of Afghan journalists were living in similar conditions and called on the international community to help and support them.
More than 150 media outlets in Afghanistan shut down operations last month as they struggled to carry out their daily duties after the Taliban took control.
In addition to the economic crisis, the Taliban is restricting journalists’ right to information, which has hampered the work of scribal organizations, Tolo News reported.
“The media depend on advertising but there is no advertising at the moment. They will face financial problems if there is no advertising,” said one reporter.
Earlier, Taliban-appointed Deputy Minister of Information and Culture Zabihullah Mujahid said: “No restrictions have been placed on free media in the country. (ANI)

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