Former Eddie Van Halen Guitar Technician Tom Weber Teaches You How To Set Up An EVH Frankenstein


Despite the abundance of tips and tricks currently available on the internet, when it comes to learning how to set up your own six-string like electric guitar icon Eddie Van Halen, nothing really replaces the learning how to do it from the man who spent 13 years doing his job.

Now you can, thanks to a new video from FiveStarGuitars that shows longtime Van Halen guitar technician Tom Weber teaching you his ropes, and how he goes about setting up an EVH Frankenstein guitar. Custom.

Always an instrument philosopher, Weber begins his deep dive dreaming, “A guitar is an instrument that is built and measured in thousands of inches. It’s a very precise instrument, until you add the one inaccurate thing they all end up with – us.

“The frets are put in exactly the right place, the strings are set to exactly the right height, then we put our mittens on them and mess everything up.”

First up on the route is a good old-fashioned restring – a task that seems easier than it is, says Weber, given the presence of the guitar’s Floyd Rose tremolo.

According to Weber, a Bondhus T-Handle is his best friend when it comes to changing the strings of an electric guitar – in fact, he won’t work on a Floyd Rose without one – and says that using the multifunctional tool was one of the main things he learned from his days working with Van Halen.

On the other end of the guitar, Weber reveals that he doesn’t like tying the string around the ankle, adding that the practice poses a number of problems when impromptu and quick string changes are required.

Instead, a simple slack value of two tuners, with one loop above and the rest below, is Weber’s preferred approach.

Some nifty housekeeping tips are sprinkled throughout the in-depth video as well, including how to maintain the longevity of your Floyd Rose, with Weber revealing that before he and Van Halen switch to titanium parts, they should replace the blocks. clamping of the bridge. , on average, every two shows.

EVH Frankenstein electric guitar

(Image credit: FiveStarGuitars / YouTube)

A handful of noteworthy intonation-related tips, truss rod tips, and tuning-based tips are also covered in the 43-minute video, with Weber discussing all manner of issues that guitar techs get into. pose problems, including the impact of heavy-handed fretters.

In closing, Weber offers one final wisdom: “It’s the little things that make all the difference in the world, and I can’t stress that enough. Hope everyone has learned a little something today – the day we stop learning is the day we start to forget things.

“Open your mind, open your eyes, be careful,” he continues. “Everything makes sense on a guitar sooner or later. “

While we’ve watched the video more times than we want to admit, we still have a funny feeling that it will be easier said than done to evoke Weber’s magical touch.

Recently, Weber put up for sale his own signature Kramer Paul Dean guitar signed EVH, which was gifted to him by Van Halen himself following a chance meeting between the two in 1998, almost 20 years before the start of their professional relationship.

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