Florida politicians should embrace opioid-free solutions for pain relief


Cure for the opioid crisis

Overdose deaths in black community of Tampa Bay skyrocket | October 7

Times Journalist Margo Snipe’s article on the shocking increase in overdose deaths in the black community of Tampa Bay was a devastating but necessary article. And Florida is not alone in this struggle. According to data recently released by the National Institute of Health, black Americans in four states saw a 38% increase in opioid overdose deaths between 2018 and 2019, while rates for other racial and ethnic groups remained. stable or decreased. Since opioids are the standard of care for postoperative pain, 3.75 million patients nationwide switch to long-term opioid use after low-risk surgery each year. And, as Snipe mentions, the stress of the pandemic and barriers to mental health services have made the epidemic worse, especially in black communities.

However, there are alternatives. Non-opioid treatments offer safe and effective pain management and have markedly better clinical outcomes. Fortunately, this issue has caught the attention of Congress. The NOPAIN Act (“Non-Opioids Prevent Addiction in the Nation”), introduced in the United States House and Senate, aims to increase access to a wide range of non-opioid pain management tools approved by the United States. the FDA, safe and effective. In doing so, the legislation will provide patients, providers and families with choices in how they manage postoperative pain. I hope the entire Florida congressional delegation is working to advance the NOPAIN law. The health of the people of Florida and the entire nation depends on it.

Ramona Miller, Fort Myers

Who is wasting money?

At the level of COVID aid, schools direct their funds to sport | Letters, October 10

One writer rightly noted that tens of billions of dollars provided by President Joe Biden and the Democrats for the benefit of students and schools – to recover from the consequences of the pandemic – were instead wasted on redirecting them for the benefit of ‘a small number of students and privileged students. athletes and fans of sports teams. Take the example of the millions withheld from Pasco County schools by state officials. Or the millions for the nutrition of schoolchildren retained by the same people. Republicans across the state withheld this money and squandered it. But stopping Trump’s unnecessary wall makes Biden brand a “waster”? This wall was nothing but a nasty racist ego trip for Trump and a financial fraud machine for him and his henchmen, including Steve Bannon who obtained a presidential pardon for his role in this fraud to the financing of the wall.

Steve Douglas, Saint PETERSBOURG

it’s called capitalism

Departure notices leave residents of St. Pete wondering, “Where are we supposed to go?” “| October 7

I understand the situation of the current residents of Stanton Apartments. Nothing outrageous is happening. I would love to live on Beach Drive but that won’t happen. You live where you can afford to live. The owners of the apartments have found a way to profit from it. They are not responsible for creating housing for others. There is nothing sinister about it.

Barry Koestler, Saint PETERSBOURG

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