Finland PM’s ‘cool’ festival outfit sparks debate over politicians’ clothes

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has been hailed as “effortlessly cool” after attending a rock festival in Turku.

Ruisrock is Europe’s second oldest rock music event, dating back to 1970. Marin, 36, has been Finland’s prime minister since 2019 and was the world’s youngest prime minister when elected. She first entered the Finnish parliament in 2015 as a member of the Social Democratic Party.

Marin was spotted breaking stereotypes at the festival in a leather jacket and denim shorts. Her snap caught worldwide attention after a post went viral on Twitter with thousands of replies, retweets and likes.

‘Don’t even try to pretend your Prime Minister is as cool as Sanna Marin at the Ruisrock Festival this weekend,’ it read.

One user replied, “Would it be cool if we had a president like her?”

‘Don’t even try to pretend hipster militarism isn’t your thing,’ joked another, while a third added: ‘Yeah ‘cool level’ might not be the best indicator of a prime minister’s professional performance, but it certainly isn’t’ It hurts. Finland’s Sanna Marin sets a new bar.”

Along with the photo of the elegant Prime Minister, one user wrote: “Social Democratic Prime Minister of Finland, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, she can definitely wear this outfit, but she also sounds like a really good egg. “

The festival’s official Instagram account also posted Marin’s photo.

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More users have jumped on Twitter with their views, with some hilariously comparing themselves to their own leader.

There were a few cynical revelers in the mix, however, with one saying, “There’s nothing more postmodern than the infatuation with this girl. Her positive qualities, however many, don’t make not a good leader. In fact, those qualities are totally irrelevant when it comes to her current job.”

Another added: “That’s good and all, but I started wishing people would pay more attention to what politicians do in their job for the good of all, rather than how much they look cool in shorts at a festival.”

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