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Anyone can be a writer just as anyone can be a carpenter, software developer, or baker. Writing is a skill you can practice, and the only way to improve yourself is by giving yourself the information, tools, and guidance you’ll need to grow.

The best-selling ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Pack includes two things every writer needs: well-organized tutorials with a thriving community of other writers, and great editing software. For just a few days, you can get these writing resources on sale for $ 179.99.

Editing software designed for writers

ProWritingAid is an amazing tool that is more than just a spelling and grammar checker. It analyzes your writing as you compose it, providing real-time commentary with thousands of grammar, spelling, and clarity improvements you can use or ignore.

If you want even more information, you can use one of over 20 in-depth writing reports that will tell you if your writing suffers from repetitions, vague formulations, lack of variety in sentence structure and much more. Moreover. ProWritingAid will even report your accidental use of the dreaded passive voice.

If you are a visual person, you can enjoy charts and tables on your own handwriting. With them, pleasant colors will indicate if you have chained, among other things, too many long sentences.

Invaluable writing training

And then there is the educational aspect of this pack. Out of 1,000 people who start writing a novel, only 30 actually succeed. You can be part of these 30 by giving yourself all the benefits.

ProWritingAid Academy consists of an incredible set of self-paced courses and ancillary resources designed to improve your writing. You can take courses in novel writing and manuscript editing. And you can participate in live workshops and monthly writing challenges.

Writing can be lonely, but in ProWritingAid Academy you can connect with a huge community for support and feedback. When you’re not writing, taking a class, or reading, you can browse the academy’s huge video archives. Watch interviews with bestselling authors like Karin Slaughter, Ian Rankin, Jennifer Hillier – and soak up all you can.

Save on the best-selling ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Pack

For just a few days, you can get the best-selling ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Pack for $ 179.99.

Prices subject to change.

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