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Dutch journalist Peter R. de Vries died in hospital on Thursday from injuries sustained in a shooting last week.

The criminal journalist, well known for his involvement in numerous high profile cases, was shot five times, including one in the head, after leaving the Amsterdam studio of broadcaster RTL following a television appearance on July 6. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition. .

“Peter fought to the end, but couldn’t win the battle. He died surrounded by people who love him, “his family said in a statement. press release published by RTL Nieuws.

“Peter lived by his conviction, ‘On your knees, this is no way to be free.’ We are immensely proud of him and at the same time inconsolable.

On the night after the shooting, police arrested a 35-year-old Pole and a 21-year-old from Rotterdam in a car on the A4 motorway near Leidschendam for suspected involvement. The two men were remanded in custody on Friday.

The shooting caused shock and condemnation across Europe. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte called the attack “shocking and incomprehensible”.

Reacting to the journalist’s death on Thursday, Rutte wrote: “Peter R. de Vries has always been devoted, tenacious, not afraid of anything or anyone. Always in search of truth and in defense of justice. And this makes it all the more tragic since he himself has today become the victim of a great injustice. “

He added: “We owe it to Peter R. de Vries to ensure that justice is done. … This cowardly act must not go unpunished.

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