Don’t spray here, PG&E letter writer urges

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A slight misspelling doesn’t stop this sign in the Salmon Creek area from getting the anti-spray message across. [Photo provided by a local resident]

Dear PG&E:

Many of us in Humboldt were devastated to learn today that PG&E, through Wright Tree Service, is planning extensive herbicide spraying in Humboldt County. starting tomorrow.

First of all, whether it was a county or private land, the public should have been given enough notice of a project of this magnitude to spray toxic chemicals in our neighborhoods. . These chemicals are dangerous and potentially harmful to people, animals, plants (obviously) and the environment far beyond the targeted utility poles. They are spreading more widely than expected through the air and surface waters, affecting larger communities.

On behalf of my family and my neighbors at Mill Creek Lane and Quarry Road in Trinidad – who are copied to this email – I would like to declare this area spray-free. Please DO NOT spray here.

On behalf of my fellow Humboldt County citizens, I urge PG&E to rethink its plans to use this toxic approach to fire mitigation, and instead work with the council [of] Supervisors on an alternate plan that does not use chemical herbicides.


Ted Pease


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