Don’t let politicians divide you, Murang’a residents say


The people of Murang’a have been challenged to embrace peace during the upcoming general election campaigns.

Ahadi Kenya Trust executive director Stanley Kamau told men’s groups from Mathioya sub-county on Friday not to allow politicians to divide them during the election period.

He said peace is paramount and must be maintained with or without campaigns, saying some aspirants try to survive by using young people to create chaos and divisions in their campaigns.

Kamau, speaking as he donated food to dozens of men to celebrate the New Year’s holidays, observed that the country needed more peace as he tried to revive the economy that has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Listen to every aspirant, but do not accept being used to cause chaos and uproar. Our economy is more vital than the countryside that comes and goes, ”Kamau said.

“This time, as the Murang’a people, it is necessary to lead mature and peaceful campaigns. We don’t want anyone to lose their life or hurt themselves because of politics, ”Kamau added.

He continued, “As the Murang’a people, we are warning those seeking various elected positions to peacefully sell their platform and manifesto instead of using crude means to seek votes. Already many people have expressed interest in running for various positions and we expect the campaigns this time to be intense.

Karunge leader Jane Kihara, who was also present, said they will not allow people to break the peace as the country prepares for a general election.

“Some wannabes, instead of selling their manifestos, buy alcohol from young people, which usually causes chaos and disrupts busy people in their daily activities. Security will be enhanced during the campaigns, ”she said.

The administrator further sounded the alarm over the increase in alcohol abuse which has left many young people, especially Mathioya, irresponsible.

“The government is committed to cracking down on illegal beers, but our men must be responsible and avoid the abuse of these cheap alcoholic beers that affect your health and make some of you irresponsible,” she said. added.

Local resident Manoa Gachucha said they would not allow wannabes who use violence when seeking votes.

“Young people in this region have sworn not to allow politicians who cause chaos in the countryside. We want peace so that our businesses are protected, ”he added.


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