Doctor Strange 2 Writer Reveals Black Bolt Death’s Origin Story

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness brought more than its fair share of appearances in the MCU, despite a handful of them only lasting a few minutes thanks to Scarlet Witch’s attack. This included Anson Mount in an unexpected return as Black Bolt, who he played in the oft-maligned single season of Inhumans aired on ABC in late 2017.

Black Bolt actually became the first casualty after the Illuminati was introduced in Doctor Strange 2, with Wanda Maximoff using her supersonic voice against him and blowing his head off. This moment has been making the rounds on social media since it first appeared on screen, even being referenced on late night talk shows like jimmy fallon.

While many complained about Black Bolt being removed so easily, the moment had an impact on fans before Wanda removed the rest of Earth-838’s Multiversal Hero Council. Recently, the film’s head writer reflected on that moment and how it appeared in the first MCU movie of 2022.

Doctor Strange 2 Writer Dives into the Death of the Black Bolt

Speaking to Empire Magazine, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Head Writer Michael Waldron explained how Black Bolt’s death scene came to fruition.

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Starting off unsure of what to do with the script, Waldron noted that the team wanted the first death in the film. “feeling really awful” showing that Wanda wasn’t kidding. This led director Sam Raimi to come up with the idea of ​​having Wanda remove Black Bolt’s mouth, showing his mastery of the horror genre in the development process:

“I was at a point in the script where I was like, ‘Damn, I don’t know what to do. The movie needs to get drunk. We wanted the first death to be really awful, ‘Look, don’t fuck with Wanda We were sitting on Zoom discussing how we kill Black Bolt, and someone said his power was shooting ultra-powerful energy from his mouth. And I swear to God, not missing a beat, Sam says, ‘Which mouth?’ And Sam just painted the scene for us, ‘…and then you just cut it, Wanda just ripped his mouth open, and he’s screaming, and his head is exploding.’ That’s horror master Sam Raimi for you.

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Waldron also looked at the Zombie Strange moment in the final battle, which Raimi wasn’t 100% sold on early in development. The manager wanted to make sure he was “the right thing for Doctor Strange” instead of doing it just because it was cool:

“It was the biggest eureka moment in the movie. Sam’s first reaction was caution, because he wasn’t there to just play the hits. Sam only cares about a Zombie Strange if it’s the good thing for Doctor Strange, not just because it’s cool if you’re an Evil Dead fan.

But once the idea was launched, Raimi took it to another level with the idea of ​​bringing the souls of the damned into play:

“Sam is like, ‘Okay, but if he’s going to do this, the souls of the damned should come after him,’ and suddenly Sam is the ten-year-old in the room. This whole cape thing. souls came from Sam saying, ‘You think you’re doing some crazy bullshit?’ He raised him even higher with these demons.

Sam Raimi’s impact on Black Bolt’s abrupt end

Director Sam Raimi brought every element of his cinematic style to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, with the cast and crew noting how much the film felt like a real Raimi creation. With so many deaths throughout the movie, it makes sense that Black Bolt’s ending would be one of the scariest.

Even though Wanda’s villainous turn shocked many, she held nothing back as she forced Black Bolt through one of the most brutal moments in MCU history by blowing his brains out. Raimi has made his intentions clear in wanting to show Wanda as a force to be reckoned with, and with the director’s history in horror movies, it seems like the time has come for him effortlessly in the development process.

Black Bolt’s future in the MCU is still a mystery, as is the future of the rest of the Inhumans, but Doctor Strange 2 gave the Inhuman King one of the most chilling moments in Marvel Studios history, which was just one of many in this multiversal sequel.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now streaming on Disney+.

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