Dive into Philosophy – The Hindu

The whole world is being invaded by the goddess Shakti, affectionately called Ambal by her devotees, MA Manickavelu said in a speech. Those who do not realize His omnipresence have unclean thoughts and end up in hell. Abirami Bhattar, in his Abirami Andadi, says he stays away from such people. Bhattar says that if one has His blessings then one can understand the Vedas and ultimately realize the Supreme Truth. But understanding the Vedas requires focused meditation and reflection on Ambal. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa told a story to illustrate the need to deepen philosophy.

There was a man who went into the forest to chop wood. One day he heard a voice asking him to go further into the forest. When he did, he found copper, which he was able to sell. The next day the voice asked him to go even further and this time he found the money. On the third day, he was asked to go to the heart of the forest, where he found gold. If he hadn’t gone deep into the forest, he wouldn’t have found gold. Likewise, the sacred texts should not be studied superficially, but deeply. You have to try to get to the heart of the texts and understand the deep meaning of the works. And for such a study, of course, we need His grace. It is only with the grace of God that we can understand God.

Siva Puranam says that we worship at his feet because of his mercy. We all know there are many philosophical texts to read. Just knowing that they exist will not help us. You can know by heart all the train times in a region. But if we don’t buy tickets to travel to a destination, can we get there, just because we know the departure and arrival times of the trains? Likewise, we must resolve to read the sacred works and study them diligently.

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