Destiny Lore bible writer gets abused by Bungie


Myelin Games revealed on December 12, 2021 that he was abused by Bungie while working with the company on a book. His first impression was positive, but things quickly escalated. This resulted in a deterioration of his relationship with the company.

Myelin Games knows everything there is to know about Destiny. He’s actually so familiar with the franchise that when Bungie came up with the idea for a book, the company immediately turned to Myelin Games, bringing him on board to curate a card collection called Grimoires. He had to extract all the information from it into what one could probably call a bible of traditions.

After completing their work on the project, Myelin Games received an email from Bungie. It was only a few days before the book was printed. He was told that an “old guard” at the company would give the evidence one last pass.

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“In this last passage, my goal is only to make it the best it can be. Given the insight and understanding I gained from cultivating the ideas and tending to the soils that gave birth to these stories, I can suggest any last minute challenges / changes to make sure it achieves that goal – if you will allow me, “the email read. Myelin Games understood that this was a challenge. He said it was a challenge. ‘was “the old guard making it clear that they had more knowledge and experience of fate”.

The email asked all kinds of questions about the book, from structure to content. “Even though it was upsetting to see someone questioning all the work I had done a week before the deadline, I was annoyed, but I got it,” Myelin Games said. “Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. The book was finished. Completed. Sent as a PDF to everyone,” he continued. “I checked it and noticed that my title in the credits had changed.”


“Nobody told me about it. Nobody told me it was going to be changed. I was originally the curator of the story because that’s what I did. I organized history. “old guard” that existed – was given that title and I was given a different title, consultation on traditions, which in my opinion did not reflect my role. “

Sensing that it had been exploited by the company, Myelin Games contacted the Bungie team that was responsible for the book.

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“I’m not quite sure how to approach this topic and I know it’s a sensitive topic, but I’d like to talk about how I’m credited in the book,” he said in an email. implies that I haven’t worked much for the volume. He went on to give his reasons. “I feel like I’m more active in this project, being involved since it was first presented as an idea. I worked really hard to collect, organize and decide which of the Grimoire cards should be included and what would give tradition nerds and non-lore nerds the best experience. He concluded by saying that he was “not sure which title is best, but would like to hear from you.”

Having received no adequate response, Myelin Games attempted to call the team instead.

“Literally in the middle of a sentence, as I was describing my role and concerns, the manager cut me off – in the middle of the sentence. I’m going to have to paraphrase this because it’s a phone call and not an e- mail, but when they cut me off in the middle of a sentence, when I was saying how I was feeling, they said something like, “I’ll stop you there. We don’t say “I.” It’s a team project. ” They then continued this rant that this was not about an individual, but rather a team. I felt like I didn’t know anything about the video game industry – which I didn’t know – but also felt incredibly selfish for bringing “

Myelin Games remarked that he was literally silent with rage. The conversation improved when the leader realized this and the two eventually came to a compromise. But he was stuck with the title of Lore Consultant.

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“I got a very little insight into how this person usually operates,” Myelin Games noted. “To be very manipulative and make me feel like an idiot. I feel like that was their true nature. As if they naturally crept into this answer so easily as if it had been repeated and repeated many times before. . Turns out it probably was. “

The book quickly turned into a collection, but Myelin Games ended up being pulled from the project.

“The first thing I thought about was I got kicked from the team because I wasn’t a team player,” Myelin Games remarked. “I was kicked out of the team because I complained. I should have kept quiet and maybe I would have had the opportunity to work on more volumes. I felt like I had ruined my relationship with Bungie – that I had pissed off the management team or that person and would be banned from working with them in the future. “

Myelin Games pointed out that he tried to look forward rather than back. “I’m not sure where to go from here,” he explained. “I hope to provide this information to Bungie. I hope they take it seriously. I hope they take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

This follows claims by workers at Bungie that crunch and toxicity have taken hold of the company. CEO Pete Parsons even released a statement that contained a pledge to improve conditions. But the incident is also a reminder of the long-standing practice in the games industry of not giving credit where credit is due. Contract workers who are not officially part of the development team often do not receive any form of recognition. They never even appear in the credits. It remains to be seen how the gaming industry will handle all of these issues in the future.

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