Cypriot journalist gives details of suspected terror plot against Iran


A Cypriot judge extended on November 1 the detention of a 38-year-old Azeri, arrested in Nicosia on September 27, who was allegedly involved in a terrorist plot against Israeli businessmen.

This was the fifth consecutive eight-day detention order without charge. Based on information gathered by Iran International, it is clear that the Cypriot police are carrying out a possible terrorist investigation.

Police said they found a pistol, a 9mm Xtouch Technology Sub Compac, which had been hidden by a 27-year-old Pakistani man, one of six people detained in what Israel claimed was an Iranian conspiracy against military men. Israeli affairs. The others are 27, 22 and 32-year-old Pakistanis and a 21-year-old Lebanese who was arrested on October 28.

A total of 11 charges are under investigation against the 38-year-old Azerbaijani, permanent resident of Moscow, originally from Azerbaijan and holder of a Russian passport.

The 27-year-old Pakistani was linked to the main Azeri suspect through telephone tapes. Police found three pistols, the first, a potentially fatal “gas weapon”, in the possession of the Azeris when they were arrested on September 27 in the parking lot of a swimming pool in Nicosia.

Fanis Makrides, a journalist with the Politis newspaper in Cyprus, told Iran International on Wednesday that the Greek Cypriot police and security officials involved in the case had confirmed to him that they suspected “terrorism”.

“What we know …[from what is] officially declared by the Prime Minister’s office in Israel [is] that the 38-year-old Azeri is linked to a plan by Iran, in which the Azeris wanted to harm Israel in Greek Cypriot territory, ”Makrides said.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s spokesperson October 4 said arrests followed an “Iran-led terrorist incident against Israeli businessmen living in Cyprus”. Iranian Embassy in Cyprus told Reuters “Israeli regime still makes such an unfounded allegation [sic]. “

“When it comes to the third gun that has been found, [this] means that now we have something really organized, ”Makrides told Iran International. “These people were moving to all the cities in the Greek part of Cyprus, like Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos and they were in contact with each other. So they were up to something big.

Makrides described Cyprus as a “mediator” between Israel and Iran, which meant that the Greek Cypriot police had to be “very careful with the accusations and the way the whole matter will be handled”. The journalist claimed he was aware that agents from Mossad, an external Israeli intelligence service, were in Cyprus to “assist” in the case.

“When Mossad agents learned of the planned terrorist attack, they informed the Greek Cypriot police,” Makrides said. “We know that the Greek Cypriot police, after this information, started to monitor the 38-year-old Azeri…[who] was in Cyprus since early September 2021 …[he] was observing people and going to the Turkish part of Cyprus. He was in contact with different people.

The reporter claimed that the police made the arrest when they did because the suspect was “on the verge of achieving his objectives”.

Makrides said police were continuing to investigate whether the suspect planned to kill Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi, who acquired Greek Cypriot citizenship, and therefore a European Union passport in 2009. Sagi has been cleared by Forbes as the fourth richest Israeli, with a value of $ 5.6 billion.

“My sources told me that if Iran is behind this, wanting to harm Israel, then Iran could easily harm Israeli businessmen in Cyprus, as the consequences are high, especially if it is of a billionaire like Teddy Sagi, ”Makrides said. “Let us not forget that Azeri is still suspect, and the decision [to prosecute] is not yet taken. But, yes, the 38-year-old Azeri could have been targeted to harm Israeli businessmen in Nicosia.

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