COVID in Israel: Politicians cancel events due to pandemic


The Sukkot holiday has traditionally been used as an opportunity for Israeli politicians to welcome hundreds of their supporters, but the coronavirus has forced them to cancel these events this year.

Likud MP Israel Katz made headlines by hosting an annual event at his sukkah in Kfar Ahim, in the northern Negev. Hundreds of Likud activists from across the country gathered in the area near his sukkah, where they were treated with burgers and hot dogs.

But for the second year in a row, Katz will be content to address his followers from his sukkah on Facebook.

A Katz critic at Likud said he canceled it not because of COVID, but because he lost support after he failed to pass a state budget and Likud lost power.

“He’s a dead horse in politics, whose time is over,” Katz’s critic said.

But a Likud activist who backs Katz said he could have got more people out than ever without the virus.

Former MP Moshe Feiglin, who recently returned to Likud, also once hosted an annual event for his followers in Sukkot, but will not do so this year.

Katz’s former neighbor in Kfar Ahim, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, will welcome Blue and White activists to his current home in Rosh Haayin and attend events organized by Blue and White activists in their Sukkah, including during of a big event in Harish. .

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will host a big event for supporters of his Yesh Atid party at Kibbutz Shefayim on Wednesday.

Religious Zionist Party MP Michael Woldiger will welcome MPs and activists from his party to his sukkah in Givat Shmuel on Thursday.

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