COVID-19 hits two Central Florida politicians


COVID-19 is wreaking havoc among politicians in central Florida – one who says he was vaccinated against the virus and another who allegedly dismissed reports of the pandemic as a hoax.

Volusia County Councilor Fred lowry was hospitalized with COVID-19, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Lowry, the pastor of Deltona Lakes Baptist Church, has not attended a county council meeting since August 17; his hospitalization was announced on Tuesday by the president of the county council Jeff Brower, reports the newspaper.

Lowry’s May 30 sermon titled Dr. Antoine Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, “Dr. False. This and other assertions in the sermon sparked appeals in June from the Volusia County Democratic Black Caucus that he should resign from the county council, according to the Daytona Hours.

Lowry served on the Deltona City Commission and began serving on County Council in 2015, winning re-election in 2018.

During this time, Robert wilford, the commissioner of the city of Alachua, announced Tuesday his diagnosis of virus and that of his wife. his Facebook page. Wilford has been in quarantine since Aug. 22, he said.

He said he believed he was infected during a mid-August meeting of the Florida League of Cities.

“I can’t think of another place I could have gotten it,” he said.

He said he would have suffered more if he had not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

“A word of advice… get yourself vaccinated, wear a mask and get as far away as possible,” Wilford wrote. “Our doctor told us that infected patients like us who have been vaccinated are mostly treated at home. Those who were not vaccinated and had to be hospitalized are fatally ill. “

Wilford served four terms on the City Commission. Wilford has told his 4,200 Facebook friends that surviving stage 4 cancer and a car crash that broke two of his vertebrae makes him confident he can beat that too. He had taken a break from his publications on American heroes of WWII because he was having trouble concentrating.

“Although I still feel weak, I’m finally getting my strength back and I don’t have that nagging dry cough that made sleep nearly impossible,” he wrote.

Wilford was fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine in February, he said. His infection is known as a revolutionary case which is relatively rare; vaccines are 80-90% effective, depending on the World Health Organization.

“I think the good Lord still has plans for me,” he said.

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