City renews contract with grantmaker who raised $ 1.3 million during pandemic



SMITHFIELD – Smithfield City Council unanimously voted to renew her contract with grants writer Lisa Andoscia on Tuesday, June 15, after her work grossed $ 1.3 million in grants over the course of the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

City Council President Suzy Alba said the partnership with Andoscia and her company, Rosewood Consulting, was responsible for finding other sources of funding for a variety of projects, from the East Smithfield Neighborhood Center to space grants. open.

Other areas where his services were tasked with securing funding included helping businesses and the elderly during the pandemic.

The vote extended Andoscia’s contract for an additional 12 months up to $ 4,000 per month.

Alba said Andoscia is working with the city to prioritize projects and identify projects for which the city would like to find funding opportunities. For Smithfield, Andoscia serves as a grants administrator who looks for grants from federal, state, and private organizations, as well as writing grants, tracking progress, and ensuring projects meet their criteria.

With 23 years of experience, Andoscia brings resources to the Smithfield area that benefit residents of all ages and all demographic groups, Alba said.

“We just want to thank her. We have had great success in partnering with her ”,“ we are happy to work with her and happy to continue our contract. “

Andoscia, who has worked with the city for the past four years, told The Valley Breeze & Observer that she was “very concerned” about state and federal funding at the start of the year.

“I rolled up my sleeves and searched tenaciously for all funding,” she said.

Andoscia said she was excited to bring in $ 1.3 million in grants, adding that she had recently learned that an additional $ 200,000 site preparation grant was coming to town.

In the past year, Andoscia has helped secure ten grants, including:

• $ 475,000 from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s Climate Resilience Wastewater Treatment Program for the wastewater treatment facility

• $ 10,094 from the Office of Healthy Aging for digital access and computer technology at the Senior Center

• $ 19,370 from the Office of Healthy Aging for a van driver at the Seniors Center offering home meal deliveries

• $ 290,000 from the Housing and Community Development Office for renovations to the East Smithfield Neighborhood Center

• $ 150,000 from Rhode Island Commerce for Take It Outside Grants to Help Local Businesses Keep Going Outdoors

• $ 150,000 from the Rhode Island Foundation to help food security in Smithfield

• $ 10,000 from the Rhode Island Foundation for a community grant

• $ 7,466 from the Center for Technology and Civic Life to recruit and train poll workers

• $ 7,070 from the Center of Technology and Civic Life Foundation for security equipment in polling stations

• Rhode Island Commerce Corp. site preparation grant of $ 200,000.

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