Case of the death of Sonali Phogat: documents show the actor-politician as the wife of his personal assistant!

The untimely demise of Bigg Boss fame Sonali Phogat has left everyone in a state of dismay. But what’s even more shocking is the latest twist in his death case. Initial reports said the politician had succumbed to a heart attack, but according to current sources it was ruled a murder. The mystery behind his death intensifies day by day.

The two accused, i.e. Sonali’s associates, Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Wasi, are currently in police custody. They confessed to spiked his drink with the drug MDMA. In a recent turn of events, it emerged that the actress is named as Sukhwinder’s wife in the rental documents for her Gurugram apartment.

Some reliable sources have revealed that in the rental documents of an apartment in Gurgaon Greens in Sector 102, owned by Krishnakant Tiwari, Sonali Phogat is named as his personal assistant, the wife of Sudhir Sangwan. A police check was also recently carried out on the said place as Sonali used to live in the apartment quite often. In fact, before leaving for Goa, she and her aide visited the apartment and took a taxi to the airport.

In addition to this, the police also revealed that they have footage showing Sudhir forcing Sonali to drink water containing “a heinous substance”. of the famous party seal leaning on Sangwan’s shoulders. The associates took her to the hotel, Grand Leonny, where they were all staying. She was admitted to St. Anthony’s Hospital the next morning after complaining of being unwell. Sonali was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Sonali Phogat parties with her associates

Although the motive for Sonali’s murder is still unknown, the police are thoroughly investigating the case. Sonali, who started out as an actress and later became a politician, is survived by a teenage daughter.

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