Broncos writer shares insights and thoughts on Steelers Week 5 game


The Pittsburgh Steelers face the Denver Broncos in Week 5. A writer from Predominantly Orange shares his thoughts on this must-see game.

Even with a declining Ben Roethlisberger and obscure offensive line turnover last season, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that the Pittsburgh Steelers would be 1-3 in their first four games. of the season. After beating the Bills on the road in Week 1, Mike Tomlin’s side have since lost three straight games.

If last week’s game against the Packers wasn’t a must win for the Steelers, it certainly is if they are to keep their season alive. Recently I caught up Graham Tiedtke from FanSided’s Predominantly Orange to discuss this Pittsburgh Week 5 game against the Denver Broncos 3-1. He shares his thoughts on the upcoming game:

1. What was your overall impression of the Broncos in the first four weeks?

The Broncos managed to score some great victories against the Giants, Jaguars and Jets. Although these are considered “easy to win” games, it was a good boost to the confidence of this team.

Sadly, they just failed to get things done against the Ravens.

There are still things to figure out if you’re the Broncos, and one of those things is the longevity of the quarterback situation. Depending on how the rest of the season unfolds, we could see yet another change.

The team also had injuries occur once again. It was also a major problem last season. Bradley Chubb is out for a while. He hopes to return one day this season, but that could depend on whether the team is close to making the playoffs.

It’s still a work in progress, but going undefeated in September was a lot of fun to watch. Hopefully they can figure out how to have another streak like this.

2. Are there any weaknesses in the Broncos, offensive or defensive, that could be of concern against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Special teams have been a constant concern and problem for the Denver Broncos. They gave up on a kickoff return for a touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens last week. No matter what they do to try and fix issues, something always seems to go wrong.

I think the quarterback may have some issues against Pittsburgh, and part of that will be down to the offensive line. All I know is that they will have to play a lot better than against Baltimore.

3. Is QB Teddy Bridgewater going to play after he suffered a concussion, and how do you think Denver’s offense will fare against the Pittsburgh defense?

It looks like Bridgewater may be available against the Steelers, but the big deal is he’s not allowed to train until Friday, which only gives him a full day of training for the week.

I think that will end up being a problem for Denver. That being said, the Broncos have handled the ball effectively this season and they could go for it a bit. The Broncos are 11th in rushing yards at 487 this season.

The question will be: Can Pittsburgh stop them on the ground? The Steelers are allowing 99 yards per game rushing. If Denver can establish the rush play, it would be a huge win.

4. Who is one player under the Broncos’ radar for fans to watch on Sunday?

Caden Sterns rookie security. Sterns, while not a starter, has five tackles and two sacks, as well as one interception.

The Broncos sent Sterns on a two-time blitz against the Ravens and that resulted in his two sacks. Oh yeah, that was against Lamar Jackson.

5. Which injury reserve player did the Broncos miss the most that would have made a big difference against the Steelers?

The Broncos have several key players in the injured reserve. They lost receiver Jerry Jeudy to an ankle injury, receiver KJ Hamler to an ACL tear, outside linebacker Bradley Chubb to an ankle injury, cornerback Ronald Darby to a hamstring injury.

These are the big four. I think the guy they miss the most is probably Jeudy. While Denver has Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick, these two just don’t have the same skills as Jeudy.

Not having Jeudy and Hamler on the field is a big deal for the Denver Broncos, and it doesn’t help quarterbacks at all.

6. What is your game prediction for the Steelers against the Broncos in Week 5?

I think, on the offensive end of the ball, Denver is going to run the ball pretty well. They’re going to have to check the clock. Throw some gaming action at Noah Fant maybe. Ben Roethlisberger, as he ages, is still a tough one to take down, so the Broncos are going to have to play some incredible cover.

It wouldn’t shock me if the Steelers ended up having some big special team games, and I think this game is going to be pretty tough for the Denver Broncos to win.

I always love to see how this team can improve from week to week. Hopefully they don’t see their ongoing issues carry over to the Steelers game, however.

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