Broken Roads turns philosophy into entertainment with a savage post-apocalyptic RPG

Although some intellectually inclined people may find philosophy fun or entertaining, most people won’t turn to philosophy to enjoy their free time. ‘broken roads‘ takes an entertaining RPG and applies a philosophy to it to add a fun twist to the subject matter.

The few humans who survived the apocalypse must now fight to survive the post-apocalyptic terrors. Image by ‘Broken Roads.’

“Broken Roads” is set in post-apocalyptic Australia, which has become a desolate wasteland in the wake of a global catastrophe. The game is story-driven with an emphasis on the story and providing players with an engaging and immersive story.

Unlike many traditional RPG games, “Broken Roads” does not use a class system for different characters, allowing players to choose any character they want and freely develop their skills to create a character that perfectly matches their style. game and has a wide range of different abilities.

Build a base and run quests and missions from there. Image by ‘Broken Roads.’

The game focuses on the philosophical beliefs of the characters or players, with these beliefs influencing the choices they are able to make and the dialogue options available to them. These beliefs also influence their moral “compass”, which is a key part of the game.

Players can play together in groups of up to five players, taking on a series of unique quests in a variety of “authentic locations” across Australia, according to the developers. The game uses a turn-based tactical combat system whenever it becomes necessary to throw some lead.

‘Broken Roads’ is developed by ‘Drop Bear Bytes’ and is on To smoke.

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