Boris Johnson told to stop speaking by reporter in BBC Radio 4 interview


Prime Minister Boris Johnson was told to “stop talking” by a frustrated journalist when he appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today program for the first time in two years.

In an interview with Nick Robinson, Johnson was asked about current supply chain problems, largely caused by the shortage of truck drivers following the UK’s exit from the EU.

Johnson’s broadcast series, ahead of his Tory conference speech, saw him deny the situation is a crisis.

The Conservative leader argued that the shortage of truck drivers was due to the industry’s failure to encourage people to register for work.

Robinson interrupted the Prime Minister to tell him that he had already made his point and added: “Prime Minister – stop talking. We are going to have questions and answers, not where you are just speaking, if not. bother you.”

Johnson told the reporter he would be “very happy” to stop talking.

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In another appearance this morning, Johnson defended the £ 20-per-week cut to universal credit – the largest overnight benefit cut in modern history.

“This government is doing things difficult and long term,” he told viewers. “We have completed Brexit, which was a very difficult thing to do, and now we are going to tackle the big underlying issues facing the UK: Lack of long-term productivity, Lack of long-term investments in energy and infrastructure.

“We will correct this.

“This will put a lot of downward pressure on costs and this is the way to fight inflation.”

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Johnson was also asked about protesters who blocked roads during environmental protests.

The Prime Minister called the activists “irresponsible crisp” and accused them of doing “considerable damage to the economy”.

Her comments precede Interior Minister Priti Patel’s speech at the Conservative Party conference today, in which she will present new measures to deal with protesters deemed disruptive.

The Home Secretary is expected to confirm the power-building plans against Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion in her conference speech.

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