Blake Masters endorsed the white supremacist writer who said the country should ‘oppose all efforts to mix races’

Author and Senate candidate Blake Masters endorsed a book by Sam Francis in an Instagram post last year. Masters recommended a commentator who wrote that the country should “oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind”; asserted that “immigrants, especially Hispanics,” will “kick common culture in the gutters”; and asserted that “neither ‘slavery’ nor ‘racism’ as an institution is not a sin”.

Masters, who is a protege of Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel, is the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona. Fox News white nationalist host Tucker Carlson strongly supported his candidacy and, in a quote posted on the Masters campaign website, called him “the future of the Republican Party.” A very smart guy. I’m rooting for him.

Francis was a longtime conservative columnist who died in 2005. The right-wing Washington Times fired him in 1995 after delivering a racist speech at a white nationalist conference.

Alec Dent wrote in Vanity Fair that Masters “promoted Francis’ ideas throughout his Senate campaign, going so far as to recommend his book of essays, handsome losers, which Masters cited as an influence on his style of conservatism, in an Instagram story pinned to the top of his account. (Vanity Fair contacted the Masters campaign for comment. They did not respond; the archived Instagram story has since been deleted.)

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