‘Black Canary’ Writer Teases Further Work on HBO Max Movie

Exclusively on HBO Max, DC Comics is in the early stages of development for an untitled black canary film, which will act as a spin-off for Cathy Yan Birds of prey movie, otherwise known as Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn). In Yan’s live-action adaptation of the DC Comics team, audiences are introduced to Jurnee Smollett’s Dinah Lance, aka Black Canary. Misha Green, the aforementioned film’s screenwriter, referenced fan-created artwork that visually encapsulates the “vibe” she hopes to depict in a deeper exploration of the origin and future of Launch after Birds of prey.

In Birds of prey, Lance works as a singer in the nightclub of Roman Sionis. Throughout the film, Lance breaks free from Sionis and joins Harley Quinn’s gang of misfits. She has the metahuman ability to produce hypersonic screams, which she inherited from her mother. A particularly talented artist designed a poster for the black canary film and shared it with Green, who was later spotted with the artwork as a cover for his writing binder.

When the fan asked for confirmation, Green replied to praise the poster for its artistry and shared that she always chooses an image to use as inspiration during the writing process to remind her of the atmosphere that it wants to generate and communicate with words.

From what the poster appears to depict, there seems to be a very dark, gritty, almost punk-rock feel to it. As we know, Lance is very tough and ready, but she has a generous and caring side that can be hidden under her tough exterior. In the poster, Lance’s face is shrouded in darkness, while the other side is illuminated. Perhaps Black Canary will be at war with itself, torn between two clashing personalities. Either way, Green has the wherewithal to get her way, and she’s got a good indication of what a faithful rendition of Dinah Lance looks like. Hopefully DC Comics fans will be blown away by his understanding of the character, tone, and overall vibe.

Although the Black Canary movie has yet to receive an official release date, it can be expected to premiere in 2023 as its status is still in the works.

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