Australian immigration to Norfolk undermines the island – writer

A Norfolk island writer accuses the Australian government of forcing what he calls “zombie policies” on the island.

Norfolk Island Jail.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Economist Chris Nobbs said the policies aim to make the island the same as the rest of Australia.

He said there was a lack of forethought and it was undermining the island’s unique culture.

Of particular concern to Dr Nobbs is how Canberra allowed open immigration to the island.

When Norfolk Island had its own legislature, it had tight controls on incoming numbers.

“If you compare Norfolk Island to almost any other small isolated Pacific or Atlantic island that it would be reasonable to compare, they all have immigration policies similar to those on the Island of Norfolk before the Australian takeover. Now it’s completely open to Australians, “he said.

Dr Nobbs has just launched his third book on the Australian takeover of the island.

It’s called “Australia’s Assault on Norfolk Island 2019-2020”.

In 2016, Australia removed semi-autonomy on the island and has since managed it directly from Canberra, saying Norfolk could no longer pay its fees.

The move angered many on the island as appeals to the United Nations continued.

Protesters hung up banners and placards.

Protesters hung banners and placards.
Photo: Facebook: besieged Norfolk Island

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