AP reporter wows viewers on Twitter by reporting in six languages

An Associated Press television reporter delivering the news in six languages ​​drew praise on Twitter on Monday after posting a supercut of himself in English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

Philip Crowther reported live from Kyiv on developments in Ukraine, which faces Russia’s invasion, updating viewers on the mood in the Ukrainian capital as Russian President Vladimir Putin takes increasingly aggressive action against the country’s borders. Crowther told the Globe in an email on Tuesday that it was a “great responsibility to bear” and credits his language skills with making him a better reporter.

Crowther’s performance on several news stations quickly caught on with fans.

Duolingo, the language learning app that has gained strong popularity on social media due to its topical and youth-focused humor, responded and said “And the owl was too dumbfounded to speak,” referencing a popular sound on TikTok.

Another Twitter user too commented and jokingly asked Crowther to say it again in Strine, a word for English with an Australian accent.

Other responses involved viewers commenting on how appealing they found the polyglot. Crowther told the Globe: “There have been a few marriage proposals, all of which I’m afraid I have to formally reject as I am happily married.”

Overall, however, commentators were impressed with his skills and pointed out that the practice of several languages ​​should be further encouraged in education systems. He joked, “comments about how I should be paid six salaries, I pass that directly to my bosses, of course.”

Crowther learned four languages ​​as a child, then endeavored to teach himself Spanish and Portuguese in high school and college. He is also trying to learn Arabic, a language he describes as “a hard nut to crack”.

Crowther is an international affiliate reporter who covers “US diplomacy, foreign policy, politics and current affairs, and breaking news stories from around the world,” according to his website.

He said the tweet gained so much popularity because it “brought light relief to a very dark history in Ukraine. I’m more than happy to bring a little fun to the news cycle every once in a while.

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