ANDOR writer Tony Gilroy developed the series as if it weren’t STAR WARS

If you were to take the star wars out of Andorthere would always be a great, interesting and exciting story to watch unfold. Andor is a perfect example of clever storytelling, and it’s the kind of storytelling evolution I was expecting with the star wars franchise.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, series creator, writer, and producer Gilroy discussed his development of the series and explained that he developed it like it wasn’t. . star wars. The result of this is the first true “adult” star wars entry into franchise history. Gilroy admits that having “respect” for the source material is constraining and doesn’t leave much room for innovation. So he worked to get past that and do something different. He explained:

“In every department, we’ve had all kinds of people come in, and they know it’s Star Wars, so they change their behavior. They change their attitude. They change their thing. An actor will come from a movie by Ken Loach or something, they’ll put a Star Wars [costume], and all of a sudden this great actor, who auditioned for you and didn’t really know what it was, starts acting different. And you say, ‘Wait, no. Do your thing. You are here because we want you to be real. So it’s a testament to the mighty power of Star Wars. It really gets into people’s heads, but to change lanes and do it like that, it takes a little effort. It’s interesting.”

Before Gilroy comes on board AndorThere were a few other different versions of the series, but franchise nostalgia is what it says canned in many previous creative teams. At one time studio president Kathleen Kennedy asked him for his opinion, and that’s when Gilroy hatched a grand plan to push the boundaries of star wars narration. He went on to say:

“I wrote this great manifesto for her. ‘This is what your show should look like. That’s what you should never do. That’s why it doesn’t work. So it was a crazy thing, and it was extremely ambitious. And they were like, ‘Well, that’s really awesome. Thanks for helping us find out what’s wrong, but we could never do that. Then they tried a few other things, and when everything got cold, there was a moment where, my God, the streaming was whoa. Now we can really do it.

It’s great to see that Lucasfilm finally understood what Gilroy wanted to do and had the confidence to move forward. Andor is easily the best live-action star wars project since The Mandalorian.

The way Gilroy grows Andor This is how Marvel should develop its shows and projects. They have to focus on telling a great story, a story so good that if you took all the Marvel elements out of it, you’d still have a great story. Now I don’t want to see Tony Gilroy developing a Marvel series!

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