Advice on sustainable lighting within the framework of the environmental philosophy of KIN Food hall

KIN Food Halls is a hospitality project designed by Matthew Reid that aims to change the way we eat. The new F&B spot based in the Devon House in Taikoo Place, Hong Kong, is characterized by its focus on green building, with dishes using local and rejuvenating ingredients.

KIN food halls marks a major step forward in the development of sustainable F&B projects, not only through its cuisine but also through its space design and recycled FF&E. Not only are the dining tables partly constructed with recycled watermelon rind and soybeans, but the decorative table lamps are made from tea leaves.

Basic Lighting Design Studio – KIN food halls

The general objective of KIN is to improve the sustainable impact of F&Bwithout impacting the customer experience. Basic Lighting Design Studio was chosen to implement a green lighting design aligning with the purpose of the food hall.

Baseline Lighting experts designed a careful lighting planning and simulation that defined sustainable lighting guidelines that provided the right amount of light and created the best dining experience. In addition, lighting control systems have been integrated to optimize and reduce energy consumption during restaurant operation. The total lighting energy consumption of the KIN food halls amounts to 10.59 W/m², following the BEC lighting power budget requirements.

Basic Lighting Design Studio – KIN food halls

Lighting management also allows KIN to define different moods according to service schedules and temporary events organized. Guests will experience bright light at lunchtime, however, when visiting the place in the evening for dinner and a drink, they will experience dim lighting, to contribute to a laid back evening. In fact, the ambience of a restaurant is largely affected by the color temperature and brightness of the lighting, setting the mood of the place before customers even take their seats. With the proper restaurant lighting designyou can set the atmosphere for which you want your place to be remembered.

Basic Lighting Design Studio makes your hotel life easier by optimizing the concept and implementation of F&B lighting. Connect with lighting experts for design concept, light simulation, technical control system and on-site implementation to ensure the best customer experience.

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