Add Mahima Dharma Philosophy In UG Classes, Education Minister Pradhan Told UGC-Edexlive


Pradhan in front of the statue of Bhima Bhoi (Pic: Twitter)

Have you heard of the philosophy of Mahima Dharma? If you are a student in India, there is a good chance that you will learn it soon in your colleges. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Saturday suggested that the University Grants Commission conduct further research into philosophy and include it in the curriculum of the undergraduate student program.

So what exactly is Mahima Dharma? It is an Indian religion practiced in Odisha and it is believed to be deviated from Hinduism. He teaches the existence of a single god and opposes idol worship and the caste system. Pradhan, who is also from Odisha, had visited the birthplace of Bhima Bhoi, a philosopher and dharma follower. suggested that UGC conduct extensive research into the philosophy of Mahima Dharma and include it in the UG curriculum, “he tweeted.

Pradhan went on to say that the poet’s quote “Witness to the plethora of suffering on earth, how one could endure; may the world be redeemed at my expense”, was inscribed on the wall of the hall of the United Nations. United (UN) in various languages. “Today, the whole world must adopt the philosophy of Santha Kabi Bhima Bhoi. The inclusion of his idea and his philosophy in the course program will be a real tribute to the great philosopher,” he said.


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