10 Shonen Villains Who Would Make Great Demons In Demon Slayer

Shonen is one of the most popular anime genres. Epic battles and inspiring characters appeal to new and old fans alike. Yet one of the things that makes it so appealing is the host of terrifying villains. They may be bad, but fans love their outlandish style and dastardly plans. Above all, they love seeing the exploits of the villains at the hands of the protagonists.

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The global sensation demon slayeris about Tanjiro Kamado, whose quest to destroy the demon that killed his family brings him into contact with many other demons along the way. The despicable nature of many Shonen anime villains has led some fans to wonder how they would fare against Tanjiro in demon slayer.

ten Isabella is terribly obedient (The Promised Neverland)

The promised never-never land details the horrors within Grace Field House, an orphanage full of happy children, who are cared for by their mother, Isabella. However, the two eldest, Emma and Norman discover that the orphanage is not a sanctuary but a farm.

Although she is a kind and passionate caretaker, Isabella harbors the sinister knowledge of the children’s fate. Even knowing that most children will be fed monsters, she continues to work diligently as a mother. Isabella’s troubled past and willingness to obey malevolent orders would make her an asset to Muzan Kibutsuji’s army.

9 Mahito loves human misery (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Mahito is a relatively young cursed spirit in Jujutsu Kaisen. The world is full of cursed spirits, and it’s up to Yuji Itadori and his friends to dispatch them. Despite Mahito’s young age, he is already a formidable adversary to Itadori and the other Jujustu wizards.

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Mahito’s specialty is feeding off the hatred humans feel for each other. He uses the power he draws from this malevolence to a devastating degree. Mahito’s disregard for human life and the fact that he is already fundamentally a demon would make him a destructive addition to the demon slayer universe.

8 Rice tastes like blood (Beastars)

Beastars follows the young wolf Legoshi as he fights his feelings of love and his hunger for the dwarf rabbit, Haru. Plus, there’s an uneasy undercurrent running through their school after a herbivorous student’s brutal devouring. Even with his struggles, Legoshi takes it upon himself to find out the culprit.

Unfortunately for Legoshi, the murderer happens to be his fellow drama club member, Rice. As a bear, Riz’s size and overall strength would make him a powerhouse of a demon. Moreover, his taste for the flesh already makes him the perfect demon candidate.

seven Reiko Tamura’s Tragic Story Recalls Other Demons (Parasyte)

Reiko Tamura was infected with an alien parasite in Parasite. Although her mind has been completely taken over by the parasitic consciousness, she has a scientific curiosity about her new body and humanity in general. She is even experimenting to see if her new body can bear children.

Tamura’s theory turns out to be correct and she gives birth to a completely human baby boy. Although she is callous at first, she becomes more motherly throughout the show – even sacrificing herself for her son’s sake. Like many demons, Tamura has something to gain from becoming a demon: protection for her son. Added to her already present bloodlust, she would make an interesting demon.

6 The Kishins are born out of loss (Soul Eater)

soul eater is about two teenagers, Soul Evans and Maka Albarn, who work to improve Soul to become a Death Scythe. As Meister, Maka must use Soul’s weapon form to eat ninety-nine Kishin Souls and one Witch Soul to progress. However, Soul accidentally eats a cat’s soul as their hundredth soul, resulting in the loss of all of their progress. The two must go back up if they want Soul to get his highest honor as a weapon.

The Kishins are beings created from the massive loss of pure human life. As such, they are incredibly dangerous. Like demons, Kishins possess great power that comes at a human cost. Their destructive nature and sinister beginnings would make them welcome among the demons of Demon slayer.

5 Dio Brando is bloodthirsty (JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure follows the Joestar family through time as they deal with the despicable vampire, Dio Brando, and other malevolent scoundrels. Dio’s original feud with Jonathan Joestar led him on a decades-long quest for power and the destruction of the Joestar family.

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Because Dio is already a vampire, he has a taste for the kind of carnage demons prefer. Added to his vampirism is his immeasurable strength and ability to stop time. With all of these powers combined, Dio could easily become one of Kibutsuji’s Twelve Kizuki.

4 Azami Nakiri is resentful (Food Wars!)

Food wars! is about Souma Yukihira as he prepares his way to the top of the prestigious Totsuki Academy. Unfortunately, not everyone is impressed with Souma’s unique approach to cooking, which gets him into a lot of trouble. One of Souma’s adversaries is the fierce Azami Nakiri.

Azami’s quest for only one hundred percent gourmet offerings stands in stark contrast to Souma’s use of everyday items in his food. Azami’s hatred is so great that he begins to dismantle the school he once loved. This show of pure disdain would make Nakiri an excellent demon. Also, he cares very little about anyone but himself, much like a demon.

3 Haumea takes pleasure in the pain (Fire Force)

fire force follows firefighter, Shinra Kusakabe. His mission is not only to rid the world of Infernals (people who have spontaneously burned) but also to unravel the mystery of the fire that took his family away. However, the sinister White Clad organization works behind the scenes to perpetuate the Infernals and ensure the Evangelist’s ascension.

One of the White Clad, as well as an Adolla Burst holder, is Haumea. Her lightning abilities and delight in watching others suffer would make her an ideal demon. She would give Zenitsu Agatsuma a run for his money in terms of elemental power.

2 All For One Steals Power (My Hero Academia)

my hero academia follows Izuku Midoriya and class 1-A from the prestigious UA High School, as they train to become the best Pro Heroes Japan. However, the sinister All For One is a constant obstacle. His power to obtain Quirks and use them for himself makes him an almost unbeatable force.

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Due to the mass of his power, All For One would make a frighteningly effective demon. His lack of remorse and lust for supremacy could rival Kibutsuji’s. All For One’s meticulous attention to detail and disregard for life would make him a sickening demon.

Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers in search of a philosopher’s stone after committing the ultimate taboo of transmutation into Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. They hope to use the stone to retrieve Alphonse’s body from the ether. Unfortunately, there are a few who are already in possession of a Philosopher’s Stone and are using it with devastating results.

The father is an artificially created being who seeks to become a god. He is the creator of the other Homunculi and rules over them as their leader. Like Kibutsuji, Father created his group of followers to become the superior race among humans. If Father became a demon, he could very well give Kibutsuji a run for his money in both power and ambition.

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